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Make Your Life Easier with Sage X3 Version 7

By October 28, 2014August 29th, 2019No Comments

Do you wake up every day excited for what’s ahead of you? I’ll take a wild guess and assume that the answer is not always yes.

Imagine if every aspect of your business was taken care of instantly without any difficulty. I know you’re rolling your eyes at the possibility.

I can tell you for a fact that it is possible to have a corporation run smoothly every day.

There’s only one way of achieving success. It’s not all about motivation and determination. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much positivity your environment has from within. The truth is that even if every department has a staff of employees who are well intentioned, the goals of the day cannot be accomplished without the right tools.

Sage X3 Version 7 has the features necessary to ease the use of your daily operations.

TWO KEY Features:

  • Search Capabilities
  • Personalized Views

The Good Old Fashioned ‘Search’…

Don’t you love that little magnifying glass at the top of the screen with the blinking cursor that’s just waiting for you to fill in the blank with a keyword? I know I do. Personally, a very deep-rooted pet peeve of mine is having to look at a screen for over a minute. An even bigger pet peeve I have is needing to scroll through a never-ending homepage. There’s not enough time to waste your day researching just to get one simple task done.

The days of the card catalogs are over. It’s time for information to come to us.

This being said, however, sometimes searching for something takes longer than having to look right in front of you.

Only archeologists like to dig. The secret to the intuition of Sage X3 Version 7 is that the search capabilities are across all functions, eliminating clutter.

That way you can focus on what is directly linked to what you are looking for. Search features should keep content as RELEVANT as possible.


Speaking of relevance, whether your company is small or medium-sized, every business is always made up of more than one department. Every person has their own role. Each role has its own function. This is why Sage X3 has personalized views.

This seems obvious, right: Catering an ERP system’s abilities to the needs of every employee? The thing is, there is no limit to how narrowed down an ERP system can be to effectively improve efficiency.

Here’s What a Customized View Looks Like

  • Drag and Drop
  • Organized Lists
  • Shortcut Tabs
  • Individualized Folders



To Sum Up…

Your business can run smoothly, easily, and efficiently. Every angle of your daily cycle can function according to the order you set out for the tasks to be accomplished. Like I said, your business is not just about your state of mind. It’s about the execution of your strategy.

We all need a little help when it comes to having a plan. Your next plan can be created with your next ERP solution.

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