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Lynn Berman, Founder of SWK, Passes at 66

By April 4, 2019No Comments
Lynn Berman SWK founder nasdaq

A proud moment for Lynn (left); attending the opening bell ceremony when SilverSun Technologies, SWK’s parent company, was listed on NASDAQ

It is with great sadness with which we share the news that Lynn Berman, founder and former President of SWK Technologies, passed away.

As many of you are aware, Sage Enterprise Management had their worldwide partner summit this week in Dubai.   SWK sent a group of people to attend the conference, including Gary Berman, the Executive Vice President of our MAPADOC division.  Lynn accompanied Gary on the trip, and unfortunately passed away.

Mark Meller, CEO and President of SWK, stated, “Lynn has a long history with SWK.  In fact, she founded the company, and served as President until 2009.  It was uncommon for a woman, let alone a single mom, to start and head a technology company in the 1980’s, but Lynn possessed an intelligence and strength of character which propelled her to great success and achievement. Many people at SWK today were actually hired by Lynn, so her contributions continue to impact the success of our company even today.  She remained an important part of the fabric of SWK and was often present at industry events. Her passing was both unexpected and shocking.”

Lynn is survived by her husband, Gary Berman, her children Shaun Klein & Melanie Klein, Sydney Berman and Perry Berman, and her newly-born grandson Felix Maximus Klein. They are all part of the SWK family, and we will do everything we can to support them through this difficult time. Please keep Gary and his family in your thoughts.

For funeral service arrangements and other information, please visit the memorial website.

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