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Learn How To Solve 6 Challenges To Your Project Management Process

By January 3, 2014No Comments

When Time Is Money, Spreadsheets And Emails Fall Short – Learn How To Solve 6 Challenges To Your Project Management And Product Management Process

Attend the webinar Wednesday 1/15 from 2 to 3 PM ET.

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With increased competition, and customers demanding shorter lead times and better quality standards, manufacturers are looking to technology for solutions.

A recent survey of business professionals suggested that 87 percent have challenges making traditional approaches like spreadsheets work well.

Almost all of them (96 percent) said employees make mistakes when entering information, and more than half of them (56 percent) indicated that they believe a cloud solution would help alleviate these challenges.

Join us to learn how one company’s PTO (Pack-To-Order) program overcame the challenges of:

  • How to produce and deliver any quantity of any product in a company’s catalog to the most distant customer’s distribution center without a reliable forecast
  • Maintaining high availability of parts inventories for immediate delivery (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • Ensuring there were no manual intervention required that would hold up order processing
  • Packaging availability at all Distribution Centers (DC’s)
  • Engineering changes communicated globally in real time
  • Large graphics files availability for print on demand at all DC’s

Learn what new technologies exist today to better compete in today’s environment and to help with the challenges above.

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