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By December 12, 2013Sage ERP X3

Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) provides an easy-to-use, more efficient ERP system so you and your employees can be more productive.  With less manual entry time, you can be more effective with your work, because Enterprise Management integrates all your business information and company management functions.

Streamline Operations

Enterprise Management integrates all of your company’s information and business processes within a single software system and database. It is a stand-alone software solution that uniquely links advanced functionality and complete data integration with an efficient workflow engine and user- friendly business and reporting tools—a compelling combination that gives your enterprise real-time control over all activities, and an ideal basis for making decisions in key areas.

Integrate All Company Management Functions

To ensure maximum efficiency of your company, Enterprise Management software supports all your accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, customer relationship, and manufacturing operations concurrently, within one coherent environment.

A global solution, Enterprise Management excels in supporting operations spread across multiple sites, companies, and countries. When you load information into the system, it is available throughout the company: An order issued has an impact on stock levels, production, accounting, and more. The information is present in real-time wherever it is needed. This means no need for reentry, no time lost, fewer errors, and reliable and coherent data.

Also, the system’s seamless integration with Microsoft® Office® allows users to export and manipulate data in Office standard formats, without losing the accuracy and consistency provided by the single, up-to-date database of the ERP system. Office documents (images, video, Excel® or Word documents, and others) may be created or modified within the context of your ERP operations and are stored in the Enterprise Management database as part of your enterprise data.

Extensive functional coverage and full data integration within Enterprise Management, coupled with a powerful workflow engine as well as easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence tools, give your company real-time control and visibility over its activities and improve decision making in each of the key areas supported by the system.

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