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How to Improve Your B2B eCommerce Customer Experience with a Modern Shopping Portal [On-Demand Webinar]

By July 19, 2023July 20th, 2023No Comments

B2B eCommerce Has Evolved. Is Your Business Prepared?


You already know that B2B eCommerce is distinctive from B2C eCommerce, but the differences are more numerous than you think. Modifying a B2C shopping cart for B2B use simply won’t work these days if you want to satisfy your customers. Fortunately, you have options.

Our on-demand webinar helps you clearly understand the differences between platforms built for B2B vs B2C sales and, more importantly, how they impact your business. It is time to learn how you can deliver the best online shopping experience to your B2B clients.

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In this webinar, follow along as experts compare and discuss B2B versus B2C eCommerce platforms and learn the key differences to look for when selecting your next solution. After completing the webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of the essential components of successful B2B ecommerce and your path to a seamless new system.

Looking for specific information? Use this summary to skip forward to the parts that interest you. (Timestamp information is located to the right of each item. Please select that time when you are watching the video.)

Comparing B2C and B2B eCommerce Processes Today

Understand how these 2 sales processes differ and how this should impact your decision-making when it comes to selecting your next solution.

  • Start from the beginning of the section (3:02)
  • The top ways that COVID changed B2B commerce (5:44)
  • Who is buying from you, and what does their journey look like? (6:54)
  • Tip: Hear about trends our experts are seeing in eCommerce, so you can consider what you may be planning in the future (8:16)
  • Your 3 options for eCommerce these days: the full breakdown (9:46)
  • Tip: Where does your investment go when you implement an eCommerce solution? (13:41)

What Does a B2B Platform Need that a B2C eCommerce Platform Lacks?

Now that you clearly grasp the differences between these 2 sales models online, it is time to start thinking about what your platform should include. This section gets you expert recommendations on best practices and what you can expect from a modern solution. You will also be able to see a real B2B-centric platform in action.

  • Start from the beginning of this section (15:44)

Or learn precisely what to look for when it comes to:

  • Design (16:09)
  • Products, Pricing, and Quotes (19:41)
  • Shipping (23:37)
  • Customers and Payment Methods (24:51)

See how all this plays out in the real world:

  • See the B2B eCommerce platform walkthrough (28:11)
  • View the Customers walkthrough (29:06)
  • View the Pricing and Discounts walkthrough (31:17)
  • View the Product Details walkthrough (32:16)
  • Tip: Here is a better way to manage images in your eCommerce platform (33:39)
  • Tip: How BigCommerce helps your SEO as compared to other solutions (38:18)
  • View the Orders walkthrough (38:54)
  • View your options for tailoring the Customer Portal for B2B (40:10)

What Does All This Require from You?

For most business leaders, just the idea of setting up an eCommerce platform sounds like a lot of work. This section helps you understand the process, how long it should take, and details about ERP integrations (a critical component for success).

  • Learn how SWK’s process is engineered to meet your precise B2B eCommerce needs (44:11)
  • How long does setup take, end to end? (48:16)
  • Tools and tactics for a seamless ERP integration (49:25)


Looking for information on setting up a B2B and a B2C platform? Already have Magento and curious how it stacks up against other options? This section has the answers you need.

  • Can I do B2B and B2C eCommerce setups at the same time? (53:46)
  • What is the benefit of BigCommerce vs. Magento? (54:50)
  • Can BigCommerce support the cannabis industry for B2B? (1:00:07)
  • What is the average implementation time? (1:01:08)
  • How much does this all cost? (1:01:57)

Use the link below to access the B2B eCommerce webinar at any time.

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This quick overview highlights the distinctions between successful B2B and B2C eCommerce platforms, providing valuable insights into customizing your solution to meet your specific needs. It is just one of the many free webinars offered by SWK Technologies. We are here to help you fulfill your vision of a smarter and easier way to run your business.

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