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How Safe Is Your Data?

By October 4, 2011No Comments

Were you affected by Hurricane Irene? Better yet, were you prepared?

In an effort to help prepare for possible storms like Irene, or other man-made or natural disasters, SWK’s Network Services Division created a short “Storm Preparation Guide” to help you weather the storm.

During these types of storms, you should be prepared for anything, i.e. power failure, damage to property, etc. In order to be prepared for such scenarios, please follow the below guidelines to avoid any unnecessary downtime.

  • Be prepared for internet lines to go down and phones to be out.
  • Make sure any unnecessary or unused devices are unplugged, such as copy machines and printers.
  • POWER OFF all workstations (desktops). If possible, unplug your workstation from the power outlet and plug back in when it is safe to do so.
  • Make sure any electrical devices near windows are temporarily moved or covered in the event of leakage or broken glass.
  • Have a good backup in place. If you would like to know more about how SWK Network Services Division can assist you with backup or network management, please contact us at 973-758-6100 or email [email protected].

Keep in mind that doing the steps mentioned take minutes to accomplish; taking the time out to do this may help you avoid unnecessary downtime!


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