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How Does BrewPub Differ From BeerRun?

By September 26, 2013No Comments

BrewPub software runs on the flagship BeerRun platform and is designed for brew pubs that:

  • Produce over 500 barrels annually
  • Dispense their beer on site, but do not package/distribute it off site
  • Submit the Brewpub Report of Operations to TTB; and Excise is due when beer is filtered

It offers the same benefits and functions (except for sales, packing/shipping and costing of finished goods, as discussed below):

  • Integrated, full-featured suite
  • For brew pubs of all sizes
  • Automatically prepare TTB Excise returns & Brewpub Report of Operations; print and e-file
  • Use a browser on your PC, iPad, iPhone or Android
  • Go live overnight
  • Reduce costs and increase profitability

BrewPub enables brew pubs to:

  • Plan batches based on brewhouse size; the system populates Gantt charts for their Fermenters and Bright Tanks, and displays Ingredient forecasts
  • Purchase ingredients based on reorder points and reorder quantities, receive goods and factor freight into landed cost while entering bills, resetting standard cost if needed and automatically post it to QuickBooks
  • Produce and record actual ingredients which in turn adjusts inventory and posts to QuickBooks
  • Dispense over multiple days
  • Automatically create TTB Excise returns and BrewPub Statement of Operations, and file online using
  • Run accurate cost reports, production yields and inventory adjustments

BrewPub Software

One add-on is available for BrewPub:

  • BrewPad: enable brewmasters to record all stages with an iPad (native binary) that works even without the Internet and auto-syncs when wi-fi is available

BeerRun software, by comparison, has the following additional features:

  • Packaging, Finished Goods, Packing Bill of Materials
  • Sales module: customers, Sales Orders, shipping and invoicing which post to QuickBooks
  • Costing of Finished Goods based on packing yield and packing items used
  • Create TTB Brewer’s Report of Operations

BeerRun Software

Several add-ons are available for BeerRun:

  • BrewPad
  • KegMaster: scan keg barcodes when shipping and receiving back; send Keg Receivable Statements to Distributors when past due
  • Distributor Portal: enable distributors to place and modify orders as well as view history
  • Multi-Location: For clients who own multiple breweries, we provide the appropriate solution at each site; and develop a custom Sync Switching Engine to post transactions from all sites to a single QuickBooks file as multiple classes (or in different QuickBooks files in HQ)

QuickBooks is not used to manage inventory or recipes in either case. It is used only to receive A/R payments (in the case of BeerRun), pay A/P bills and process generic business activities — e.g. payroll, rent, bank reconciliation, financial reports etc.

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