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Here’s an Advance View of the New Look for Sage ERP X3

By February 27, 2014No Comments

Have you been wondering what version 7 of Sage ERP X3 will look like? Have you been tossing and turning each night as you fruitlessly try to sleep, overwhelmed by questions such as “What will the new user interface look like in v7?” and “What new, great features have been added to this release?”

No? You don’t lose sleep over these things?

Perhaps that’s just us, then.


For those of you who are curious, we now have a great screenshot that lets you get an inside look at the new user interface for yourselves.

Sage ERP X3 screenshot SWKTech

What you’re looking at in this shot is the new mobile user interface for iPad–yes, that means that Sage ERP X3 version 7 will have enhanced mobile capabilities that will dramatically increase your sales potential and abilities in the field.

This screen offers users a view of upcoming appointments on the left, as well as immediately visible contact information, and if you were to click a company’s name, Sage ERP X3 would connect to the iPad’s native Maps app to give you exact directions to your client’s location from where you’re located. (That functionality is not available on this screenshot though, the above is simply an image.)

Your dashboard also provides you with lists of your top five customers and products (or other information that is more pertinent to your needs), and provides you with a quick view of your sales trends. Remember though that a business intelligence dashboard is meant to provide you with the information YOU need to do your job, so this is only a single option out of the many that you could see when you glance at your screen.

The really exciting thing about this screenshot is that, no matter who you are or what kind of business you have, this new interface is clean and very VERY easy to understand, so your employees’ training times (as well as your own) will be shorter and faster. Employees who are confident with mobile technology and tablet functionality will be able to immediately navigate this new system like a pro, which makes your company more productive overall.

We’ll be providing more screenshots soon, and you’ll be able to keep up with all the new information about Sage ERP X3 version 7 releases, functioning and enhancements if you follow us on Twitter.

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