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Handling Logistics and Shipping With Sage ERP X3

By September 18, 2013No Comments

Sage ERP X3 Logistics ShippingIf you are in the business of delivering tools and supplies to professionals in different industries, then Sage ERP X3 can assist you. If your company differentiates itself by selling quality products and backing them with the best customer service possible, you are held to the highest of standards. When companies have grown enough to have a multifaceted sales channel that includes a busy call center handling phone orders, mail-in orders, website sales, and channel sales (through companies like,, and, organization of data becomes essential because information can very easily get lost in the shuffle.

Ready Information Access

The Sage ERP X3 application supports visibility across your enterprise while giving you access to accurate information such as freight quotes, product availability, volume pricing, order history, and tracking numbers, all at your fingertips. Thus, you can make better decisions.

A Custom Tailored Solution

The inherent flexibility of Sage ERP X3 saves companies time and money while delivering a higher level of customer service. Prior to Sage ERP X3, staff usually have to place phone calls to various freight handlers to obtain freight quotes for larger orders. This is time consuming, and means a longer wait time on the phone for customers. With Sage ERP X3, an interface can send the necessary order details, including weight and ZIP code, to a freight forwarding service that can turn around a freight quote within seconds, making your employees’ jobs easier and more efficient.

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