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Go International – Sage ERP X3

By June 19, 2013July 10th, 2018No Comments

Do you operate in other countries that require your software to support other languages?

 Does the language barrier require extra work for you and your team?

 As more companies expand internationally, the need for an ERP system that can handle multi-national dealings is a must.

Look no further; Sage ERP X3 can handle multiple languages and supports multiple currencies, companies, sites and legislations, making your life and your business less worrisome.

Built-in international capabilities

Designed to fit flexible mid-sized organizations, Sage ERP X3 is the system of choice for multi-national companies developing their business in several countries without investing in a complex and costly global management system.

Sage ERP X3 supports multiple languages, currencies, companies, sites and legislations so you can run a sophisticated multi-site planning and distribution business in a multi-country environment as easily as a single domestic implementation. Each user can work in their own language on one single system. Sage ERP X3 also handles multi-lingual data based on the third party to whom they’re addressed (titles of articles, invoice text, etc.).

Easy multi-country set-up

The application is available in eight languages and legislations – including USA, UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Argentina and China – allowing users to access the system in their own language wherever they are.  Country-specific parameters, such as legal and market requirements, are centralized to offer a single solution.  Sage ERP X3 makes it easy to share common data and processes between different foreign sites or subsidiaries, while respecting their own specific usages and business rules.

Quickly operational

Sage ERP X3 provides country delivery sets including standard pre-settings to speed-up the implementation process in a new foreign site.  Moreover, as a simple internet browser is sufficient for an authorized user to run the application, Sage ERP X3 allows your company to quickly provide a new office or plant with a fully operational management system without investing in costly IT infrastructure.  The scalability of the application allows you to organize a progressive international deployment, fitting your regional and/or functional priorities.

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