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Go International with Sage ERP X3!

By November 25, 2013No Comments

International Sage ERP X3If you’re managing a global business today or want to be prepared for international expansion, Sage ERP X3 provides the functionality and flexibility you need to help grow and control your business in multiple countries. Designed for a global economy, the system makes it easy to share common data and processes among different foreign sites or subsidiaries, while respecting their own specific usages and business rules. With Sage ERP X3 you can support multiple legislations within one single instance of the system – accelerating international reporting and streamlining operations across a global business.

Sage ERP X3 supports multiple languages, currencies, companies, sites, and legislations. Users can access the system in their own language wherever they are, sharing the same information and functionality. Country-specific parameters, such as legal and market requirements, are centralized to offer a single, coherent solution worldwide.

With Sage ERP X3, you can run a sophisticated multi-site, multi-country business as easily as a single-site domestic implementation. It is the system of choice for midsized companies looking to manage and develop their business in several countries without investing in a complex and costly global management system.

Gain Speed over Competition

ERP solutions for multinational companies generally require heavy customization to adapt to business in foreign countries. And by the time they become operational, business conditions may already have changed. This is not the case with Sage ERP X3, because the system has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of fast-changing midsize organizations.

For example, Sage ERP X3 provides country delivery sets including standard pre-settings to speed up the implementation process in a new foreign site. Moreover, as a simple Internet browser is sufficient for an authorized user to run the application, Sage ERP X3 allows your company to quickly provide a new office or plant with a fully operational management system without investing in costly IT infra- structure in the first place. The scalability of the application allows you to organize a progressive international deployment, fitting your regional and/or functional priorities.

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