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Where Did That GL Entry Come from in Sage ERP X3?

By September 9, 2014No Comments

By Lori Royster, Director of Sage ERP X3 Support, SWK Tech

Where Did That GL Entry Come from in Sage ERP X3 SWK Tech 1

Sometimes you run across mysterious transactions when you’re reviewing accounts in your General Ledger in Sage ERP X3. You know you have to account for every transaction you have, but you don’t have the time to put on your sleuthing hat and spend your whole day investigating unknown transactions. Good news! You don’t have to spend hours tracking those transactions down. With a simple right-click, you can get the info you need—fast. Have an entry in your GL that you have no idea where it came from? Here’s how to track down that transaction.

The “Transaction by Date” inquiry (see picture above) comes in handy and can be drilled into from your account inquiry screen to quickly give you the additional information that you are looking for.

When you see a value that you would like to investigate further, simply right-click on that line and select the Transaction by Date option. This will take you to the screenshot below.

Wait, where’s the information?

If there is nothing displayed on the lines within this screen, select your criteria button. There are defaults chosen but in this example, some were left unchecked—which may be excluding your information. Once you select “OK”, your result(s) will display.

Okay, you solved that mystery

Selecting the “End” button from the Transaction by Date screen will take you right back to your account inquiry so you can easily continue your review of other accounts.

Where Did That GL Entry Come from in Sage ERP X3 SWK Tech 2


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