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Ensure Flow Control And Traceability With Sage ERP X3

By September 25, 2013No Comments

x3 9-25In today’s world, everyone is at risk.  Whether it be compliance risk or security-based, risk is higher today than it has ever been.  Sage ERP X3 helps reduce and contain the risk that could potentially affect the well being of your business, because in today’s world, you can never be too safe.

Secure all transactions

Business is subject to increasing legal constraints related to security and traceability: financial security, the Sarbanes Oxley Act, FDA rules, and more. For effective security administration, Sage ERP X3 makes it possible to control access to the functions, actions, on-screen fields, and data, by user, group of users, or profile. User authentication can be based on an Active Directory or any LDAP compliant authentication server. The web connection over HTTPS makes it possible to encrypt data traveling over the line. You can define constraints for password length and renewal, lock users attempting to intrude, and disconnect inactive users at the end of a configurable period of time.

Also, you can activate various tracking levels based on users and define alerts over workflow on any specific event.

Signature processes are included standard, in particular for purchases, budgets, payment slips, and more. The traceability of modifications to sensitive data can be configured to activate directly on the database level. Details of the modifications can be traced back to user, original value and date of modification.

Improve quality and reduce risks

Sage ERP X3 provides complete forward and backward traceability at multiple levels (lot, sublot, end-item, ingredients), potentially saving millions of dollars in the event of a recall process, and helping manufacturers identify key quality areas of their business and where points in the production process may be improved.

A full audit trail and archive of historical transactions is maintained for multiyear periods. Further, Sage ERP X3 provides a fully integrated quality-control process that can rigorously enforce inspections to assure item conformance to any required characteristics, operational tolerances, or expected results.

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