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Enhance Collaboration

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enhance collaboration pic 6-6Ever needed an important document and/or piece of information on the spot without the ability to access it?  This is a problem that many experience, and it is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Good News: It already has been addressed.

Sage ERP X3 allows for the access and distribution of access of priority information on a secure network.  Sage knows where you want to head, so Sage ERP X3 is opening up the doors to make it possible to get there.

Facilitate access to information

 All users can access Sage ERP X3 functions through their web browser, in just the same way as in traditional client-server mode. So, wherever they are located, each member of your staff can log onto the company’s information system. The user obtains immediate access to the information required, without delay and under secure conditions, from any computer with internet access. For example, reps can monitor and document the business deals of their customers or issue orders from an exhibition stand.  You can also open a new regional branch and hook it up to the company’s existing management system without the need for any special infrastructure.

Explore new opportunities with partners

 Your reactivity also depends on your ability to ensure that your privileged partners (loyal customers, suppliers, principals, etc.) can access your information system easily.

Sage ERP X3 does more than just manage business transactions. It can help optimize each key business process both internally and outside the walls of a company.

With Sage ERP X3, you can provide remote access to certain functions of your information systems round the clock. You can also connect a sales solution to your ERP system on-line.

While Sage ERP X3 supports traditional external information flows with key business partners via electronic data interchange (EDI), its e-business approach provides additional choices for connecting the system to key business partners: Sage ERP X3’s web-native architecture makes it possible to work via the Internet with customers and suppliers, ensuring time and productivity savings for both the company and its partners.

By setting up a secured extranet connection with key business partners, a company can easily extend Sage ERP X3 system access to processing certain business transactions and information, making it easy for companies to conduct business and helping to ensure customer loyalty and retention.

Sage ERP X3 allows you to publish ERP objects, object lists and sub-programs through web services that will make them accessible to external applications such as:

  • A web storefront creating orders into your ERP system,
  • Enterprise applications other than Sage ERP X3,
  • PDA applications,
  • Etc.

 Sage ERP X3 web services fully comply with the public Web Service Protocol and support all the standards (XML, UDDI, WSDL, SOAP, etc.) as part of the development toolset.

Contact Our Sage ERP X3 Team

Want to learn more about Sage ERP X3? For additional information please contact us at 877-979-5462, or click here.

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