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Electrical Industry Success With Sage 100 ERP

By September 3, 2013December 7th, 2018No Comments

Electrical Industry Sage 100 ERP Sick of finding out that money is falling through the cracks?

Tired of transactions not being entered into your system?

See how one company fixed these issues.

Electronics Inc. is a global industrial electronic equipment manufacturing company that primarily serves automotive, medical and aerospace businesses. The company has been using Sage 100 ERP since 2004.

As a B2B business, Electronics Inc. receives most of its orders via phone, email, or fax. Until August 2010, Electronics Inc. had been entering credit card orders by hand into a standalone POS terminal.  Kara Schmucker, Treasurer, realized that “there wasn’t a system of good checks and balances in the process. Too many people were using the POS system. I had concerns that money was falling through the cracks, and saw evidence of this in bank reconciliations, which weren’t balancing because some of the transactions weren’t entered into Sage 100 Standard ERP” Schmucker wanted to decrease the number of the steps in the process, require payment pre-authorization to ensure transactions would go through and notification when transactions were processed.

Like many SMB decision-makers, she found the payments area a confusing one. “I needed to decode the credit card processing industry. There are no real standards, each merchant processor tweaks it to show what they want, so it’s difficult to compare apples to apples.

However, she had learned about Sage Virtual Terminal and Sage 100 Standard ERP integration in her previous job, and thought that that it might be a good fit for Electronics Inc. The positive experiences similar clients had using Sage Payment Solutions assured Schmucker that she was making the right decision.

“Entering info was easy to do from the instruction sheet, but our Sage 100 Standard ERP consultant helped us to learn how to really use the system and get the A/R side up and running.” Once the system was implemented, Schmucker found that it “was working smoothly right off the bat” and satisfied the company’s goals.

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