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Cybersecurity In the News: May Recap

By May 19, 2023No Comments

May is almost over, and we have seen a concerning rise of dangers in the realm of cybersecurity. From new and improved malware to the expansion of AI, there are multiple risk factors that can put yourself, and your company in harms way. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of current events to keep you in the know.

Malware Attacking MacOS

A recent report by Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs (CRIL) reveals the emergence of a new malware called Atomic MacOS Stealer (AMOS) that specifically targets Mac systems. AMOS aims to steal sensitive information including keychain and account passwords, system information, and specific files throughout your personal device. Additionally, the malware focuses on web browsers to acquire additional data, like your credit card information. CRIL have expressed concern that the creators of AMOS are continuously updating their software to enhance its destructive capabilities.

Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs have found that AMOS is being promoted on Telegram, a private messaging service, for $1,000 per month, meaning that any hacker with a large enough bank account has the capabilities to steal your information. To safeguard against such threats, it is crucial to keep macOS up to date with the latest security patches provided by Apple, and to avoid suspicious links when opening emails.  a wide variety of tools and information to help protect you against these threats.

ChatGPT’s Effect on Cyber Security

Generative AI technology, like ChatGPT is reshaping the landscape of cybersecurity, presenting both opportunities for hackers and challenges for cybersecurity defenders. Attackers can leverage this new technology to launch sophisticated, automated attacks. It also allows hackers to utilize personalized phishing techniques more effectively by scrubbing personal information from social media sites. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as those defending against cyber-crime can harness the same technology to safeguard critical infrastructure by proactively identifying emerging threats and analyze vast amounts of data to find the most effective response.

The increasing integration of AI into society necessitates lawmakers, judges, and decision-makers to grasp its technology and implications. Establishing robust collaborations between technical experts and policymakers will be vital for effectively navigating the future of AI, especially in areas like threat hunting and beyond.

Malware Targeting Password Managers

A new version of an already established malware is shifting focus to target systems such as 1Password and KeePass. ViperSoftX is an already effective info-stealer which has previously targeted crypto wallets and is now being utilized to steal from multiple web browsers, like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Brave in addition to established password managers. These upgrades enable the malware to have stronger code encryption and a higher capacity to avoid detection from anti-virus tools.

Being utilized across the globe, ViperSoftX has been targeting enterprises and consumers alike. Analysts have found that the malware is often hidden in software cracks and activators. To protect yourself, and your company from the constant threat of hackers and evolving malware, contact SWK today.

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