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Craft Brewing: Taming The Spreadsheet Monster

By June 22, 2013No Comments

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BeerRun software is designed to solve a big problem that 90% of Craft Brewers have: They use entry-level accounting software. Basic accounting programs are friendly and affordable, but they’re not designed for the batch processing world or for a regulated industry like brewing. Even when you upgrade to the next version, you still get crushed by the spreadsheet/work-around monster.

We have taken on the functions that small-business accounting packages don’t handle well (including purchasing, sales and costing as well as operations). Integration is simplified. Hardware needs are reduced to a working computer. The expense and time involved in migrating to a new accounting platform are eliminated. So are the man-hours lost to daily inefficiency and redundancy, which usually add up to disturbing costs.

Meeting Master Brewer’s Needs

We built BeerRun according to master brewers’ unique needs. As a client, you have a voice in further improving the best Brewery Management Software in the industry. Moreover, BeerRun works in the cloud — so we can quickly turn your requirements into specific features that will benefit your business:

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