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Why Would a Company Look to an ERP System to Replace a Manual Process?

By October 29, 2014October 25th, 2019No Comments

The fourth installment of the SWK Technologies educational video series is now available. If you missed the previous videos, check them out here.

The fourth video (above) provides watchers with a quick intro to why some businesses choose to upgrade their systems, rather than to replace a manual process. Will that be your choice?

Why Would a Company Look to an ERP System to Replace a Manual Process SWK TechHere’s what companies usually experience when they choose to upgrade their old, outdated ERP systems:

  • Work tasks will be completed faster
  • Your IT department may get bored at the lack of calls
  • Critical information will always be at your fingertips
  • You’ll make a good ROI within a couple of years
  • Fewer headaches will plague your offices

Want to learn more about why your business may want to consider upgrading an ERP system, rather than replacing a manual process?

Watch the video above now.

Have you missed the other videos? Learn about:

  • The signs that would trigger a need for an ERP system

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