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Avoid Food Recalls with Sage 500 ERP

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According to Hoover’s, more than 48 million Americans get sick every year from consuming food or beverages that have been contaminated. When a food needs to be recalled, the company who manufactured the contaminated product is guaranteed to lose revenues due to downtime, USDA shut downs, or loss of consumer confidence. With Sage 500 ERP, you can easily track your food at every step of the manufacturing process, which means that Sage 500 ERP can help your company avoid food recalls that can be costly and damaging.

Food Manufacturers Keep Track of a Lot of Data

It can be hard to bring all your data under one roof, especially when you’re a food manufacturer. You may handle many processes and data centers, including harvesters who send ingredients to manufacturing plants, and food distributions centers that ship finished products to restaurants, grocery chains, or other warehouses. When you’re handling that many distribution and management processes, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of the details of every single stage of your manufacturing process. However, your company needs to keep a close eye on all processes precisely because food safety is so complex and recalls are so common these days.

How Sage 500 ERP Helps Your Company Avoid Food Recalls

Food manufacturing is a tough business with razor-thin margins, and recalls usually lead to additional unexpected expenses. How can food manufacturers protect themselves? With more integrated information that allows them to identify food safety problems before they become an issue. Sage 500 ERP provides companies with customizable processes, operations, and business intelligence data that enable companies like yours to identify potential problems before they move to other areas of your manufacturing process. Since quality-checks and other validation data is automatically entered into the ERP system in real-time, you and your team can halt contaminated ingredients immediately so that those items don’t have the chance to reach consumers and create problems.

If a contaminated ingredient is discovered after production, Sage 500 ERP also provides the big-picture view that empowers your team to use backward tracing to find potential problem products and remove them from distribution centers.

SWK Helps Ensure That Your Products Are Contaminant-Free

To make your Sage 500 ERP system work best for your company, you will have to implement many automated changes in your food manufacturing plant and processes. Frequently, quality inspections are still done on paper and entered manually into a company’s existing production software, but the ability to avoid food recalls rests on every departments’ ability to access real-time data, and then act fast.

If you’re worried about the time and effort implementation would take, you’re not alone. That’s why SWK Technologies is the clear choice to support you as you setup and continue using your chosen Sage ERP. SWK provides unparalleled customer service, as well as a support team that includes actual Sage software developers, so you can trust that SWK has the expertise to engineer a seamless ERP implementation for your food manufacturing company–including all the customizations your company needs and the automation features that your food safety requires.

Contact SWK’s Sage 500 ERP Team

If you’d like to know more about how Sage 500 ERP can help your food manufacturing company avoid recalls, please contact us online.

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