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An ERP Solution for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

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A comprehensive ERP system is necessary for many industries to help streamline processes and stay competitive by running more efficiently.  Sage ERP X3, as discussed in previous blog posts, is a powerful yet simple global solution for your ERP needs.  Some of the many functions include the typical accounting and finance functions, sales management, manufacturing management, purchasing management and many more.  Sage ERP X3 can bring advantages to many different businesses across many different Sage ERP X3 - Food and Beverageindustries.  The following blog post will continue the mini-series on how Sage ERP X3 will impact various industries.  We last discussed chemical manufacturers and distributors and will now move on to food and beverage manufacturers.

Food and Beverage Manufacturers

As a food and beverage manufacturer, you deal with a unique set of industry-specific requirements and regulations. Facing cutthroat competition, heightened customer expectations, and the watchful eye of the government, you must efficiently fill customer orders, control inventory, plan production, and maintain quality.

Ensure Compliance and Improve Quality:

Manage quality processes from receiving to shipping. Maintain FDA regulatory compliance. Gain the confidence to recall products quickly with complete forward and backward traceability.

Reduce Manufacturing, Distribution, and Shipping Costs:

Improve planning, production, and inventory management costs. Reduce waste with better visibility into your operations. Improve efficiency across food and beverage-specific processes, including batch and continuous flow processing, formula and recipe management, allergen designation, shelf-life management, labeling, and more.

Make the Best Decisions Possible:

Benefit from real-time reports, analytics, and business monitoring so you can act decisively.

Increase Flexibility:

Take advantage of a multitier architecture that deploys domestically in less than 35 days, supports international expansion in less than eight weeks, and easily scales from ten to thousands of users.

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