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10 Reasons To Love BeerRun

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If your microbrewery produces between 1,000 and 50,000 barrels annually, you should not be without BeerRun software. It is a highly intuitive application that enables brewmasters to manage all aspects of their operations. The software automates processes and eliminates the need for manual-entry spreadsheets or other outdated methods of managing production. BeerRun integrates seamlessly with third-party accounting programs such as: QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage 100 ERPSage BusinessWorks, Sage 50 and others.

BeerRun provides a central information source that enables you to plan and manage your brewery operations at specific points in time — today, tomorrow as well as weeks or months in the future. It helps eliminate the time-consuming (and error-prone) task of repeatedly entering information into spreadsheets.

Streamline Operations

BeerRun helps you streamline your operations from the time you plan a batch until you report it to the TTB.  It adds efficiencies:

  • When planning production
  • When entering finished goods in your accounting system
  • When invoicing a customer
  • When calculating BBLS for Federal Excise purposes
  • When calculating BBLS for State purposes
  • When preparing a report of operations spreadsheet

The Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love BeerRun:

1. Highly Intuitive. Unlike the cockpit of a plane BeerRun only has one button to press. Complexity disappears under the hood. 

2. Apple-like simplicity. A child and grandmother can play with it.  No manuals are needed.

3. No menus. WYSIWYG!

4. Do Accounting functions in accounting; manufacturing functions in BeerRun.

5. Wizard approach:

  • One box at a time (no 2-box dilemmas)
  • It flows like you think and act in real life
  • It has a highly customizable interface (buttons disappear like they never existed)

6. It’s extremely fast!

  • Structured code: like lego, not spaghetti
  • Less than 4 MB in size

7. It downloads as a flash movie, giving you a smooth and luxurious ride.

8. Updates are released in response to client feedback:

  • You are always on the latest release
  • BeerRun went live in October 2011 and is now on version 4, approaching the 100th release (more than one per week)

9. BeerRun was developed by a world-class engineering team headed by an innovator. Hart Singh is MIT-educated, a member of the Intuit Speakers Bureau and President of Opcenter LLC. As Co-Founder of the national Cloud Technologists Association, he teaches Cloud Technologies, Cloud Architecture and Design, and Cloud Operations at NJIT. As Adjunct Faculty, he has also taught Technology and Entrepreneurship to undergraduates and MBAs at Rutgers, NYU Poly and Fairleigh Dickinson University.

10. BeerRun Rocks!

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