Scanco’s RF for Small Business encompasses all the necessary transactions for companies looking to get started in barcoding without a large investment of time or dollars. RF Small Business provides distribution companies all the tools to handle basic shipping, receiving and inventory transactions. Each scan is validated against Sage 100 ERP (Formerly Sage MAS 90 or MAS 200) real-time and transactions are created with the push of a button. Here’s a quick overview of each component of RF Small Business.

The software includes four major components:


Transfer inventory from warehouse to warehouse, issue material out of inventory and receive in inventory without a purchase order using RF Small Business. Inventory movement is captured on the fly to provide up to the minute accuracy.


Shipping is a major component of the distribution process and orders must be correct each and every time. With Invoice Data Entry, an order is selected on the handheld and items are scanned as they are picked. Each scan is instantaneously validated against the Sage 100 ERP database to ensure the correct items and quantities are shipped every time.


Delays in receiving can result in lost sales if the inventory is not shown as available. Purchase Order Receiving is updated real-time with RF Small Business. Simply scan the purchase order number then scan each item as it is received. Receipt of Goods transactions are created wirelessly as the orders are received.

Physical Count

RF Small Business gets physical and cycle counts done quickly and efficiently. Scan the warehouse code, item number and quantity and immediately watch the quantities accumulate in Sage 100 ERP.

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