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Lagunitas1Your passion is brewing great beer.
Ours is helping craft breweries run as efficiently and profitably as possible. We understand the brewing industry’s challenges and concerns, and have the perfect recipe for managing your operations. Our brewery management solutions are single-database process manufacturing suites that enable you to run your business optimally. They’re ideal for all types of operations, from Brewpubs to Microbreweries and Regional breweries. SWK’s Craft & Microbrewery Solutions can help you migrate away from time-consuming manual tasks — like managing production or inventory with spreadsheets — and stand-alone accounting systems, to a fully-integrated process. They offer many opportunities to enhance your operations and increase productivity.

We have decades of experience, including working directly with Craft Brewers. Our proprietary solutions will guide you through your brewery’s evolution. Each installation is based on industry standards and tailored to clients’ specific workflows and preferences.

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