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Sage 500 ERP

Your 24-7 Salesperson with Sage 500 ERP

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SAGE 500 ERPWithout sales, businesses cannot flourish.

How would you like to have a 24-7 salesperson – who doesn’t draw a salary?

How do you do this?

eBusiness Suite for Sage 500 ERP

eBusiness Suite for Sage 500 ERP provides an intuitive extension to Sage 500 ERP in the form of a browser-based solution. This product can empower your customers, salespeople, and customer service representatives to increase their efficiency and productivity in order to boost sales. Originally designed as an enhanced replacement to eCustomer and eSalesforce, eBusiness Suite has evolved into a solution that can serve as a B2B and B2C interface as well as a sales team CSR and remote location alternative interface to Sage 500 ERP.

B2B and B2C Capabilities

When customers, salespeople, and customer service representatives enter your online store they have the ability to place orders and get accurate and up-to-the-minute information about items, prices, inventory, account status, and expected delivery dates. eBusiness Suite provides the ability to pick, pack, and ship invoices for online orders and enables credit card processing of payments through integration with the Sage 500 ERP Credit Card Processing module.

eBusiness Suite supports B2C functionality in two ways. A “lite” B2C interface is included that allows for entry of a cart and creation of a Sage 500 ERP customer that must be credit approved prior to shipping. These pages can be enhanced based on client needs. In addition, a custom B2C interface can be connected to Sage 500 ERP using Web Services, which is included in eBusiness Suite.

Online Access to Account Information

Besides the “24-7 salesperson function”, eBusiness Suite can function as a remote interface for Sage 500 ERP. The user can view customers’ orders, shipments, invoices, payments and backorder information. It is ideal for salespeople or customer service representatives to see a comprehensive overview of customer accounts in order to respond quickly to customer requests and follow up on orders or payments due. This feature can be utilized at the customer level, sales team, salesperson, or company depending on user logon rights.

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