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Work from Anywhere with Sage X3 Version 7

By September 29, 2014August 29th, 2019No Comments

One of the most important attributes of any modern business is mobility.

Without mobility, your company suffers from decreased agility, which can lead to manufacturing, distribution, or supply chain delays—and those issues all result in unhappy customers. Plus, with today’s always-connected marketplace, your company requires the flexibility to respond to customer or trading partner queries or concerns at all times. Here’s how your company can achieve the benefits of true mobility, while also increasing speed, efficiency, and convenience.

Is your business efficient?

Every business today is looking for the most organized, efficient, and timely access to their data. However, with the complexity that your modern, globally-supplied company faces, it must be a difficult task to pull all the pieces together in your time zone.

Before you got an ERP system, your company would have to send numerous emails and exchange many phone calls to and from different departments within your organization, just to confirm a sale. Now, with an ERP system, you can get immediate access to the data you need—but only if you’re at your desk.

What about when you’re away from your desk?

Not only does Sage X3 version 7 feature increased speed for your office desktop, its now also fully accessible through your mobile device or tablet. And when we say fully available, we mean it. Sage X3 version 7 allows you to access all of your work information straight from your mobile device—whenever and wherever.

What other benefits come with increased ERP mobility?

There are three main results to a mobile-ready solution such as Sage X3 Version 7:

  • Speed
  • Accessibility
  • Convenience

Convenience comes in many forms, and means different things for each company, but the Sage X3 developers determined a few areas that would be convenient for all companies, no matter what.

Built-in Google Maps

With the mobility feature in version 7 of Sage X3 ERP, not only do you get instant accessibility, but also travel convenience. With the integration of Google Maps technology, you no longer have to pull up your map on a separate application. This allows for quicker travel time to reach your clients, and that leads to greater customer satisfaction.

As Philippe Scemama, CEO of Adelya, loyal user of Sage X3 Version 7 confirms, “Our field agents used to service four customers per day. As we enabled them with mobile devices connected to Sage ERP X3, this number doubled.”

Full ERP functionality on your device

In addition to the web-based platform that looks and feels the same wherever you use it, Sage’s mobile apps are available on:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows devices

To conclude

Most corporations are currently running a BYOD program because of the advancements in mobile technology and cloud-based computing. Through Sage X3 Version 7, all members within a businesses can now be linked through a single, interconnected platform, no matter where they’re located. With access to inventory, sales orders, expense reports, and purchases, as well as access to convenient features like Google Maps integration, Sage X3 version 7 will enable your company to experience productivity like never before.

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