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The Woodlands Foundation Finds Success with Sage ERP X3

By August 26, 2013No Comments

Sage ERP X3 Success StoryWhile Sage ERP X3 is often utilized by distributors and by discrete- and process-manufacturing companies, it is powerful and flexible enough to work well for other businesses – even small non-profit foundations.

Using its fully accessible and barrier-free facilities, the Woodlands’ Foundations’ programs enable children and adults with disabilities and chronic illnesses to experience social, cultural, environmental, recreational, creative, and spiritual growth.  Serenely nestled in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, the 32-acre site features an indoor heated pool, 48-bed lodge, dining hall, creative arts and computer center, activity center, camping area, sports court, nature trail, amphitheater, and a par-three adaptive golf course.

This small nonprofit has complex accounting and reporting requirements, so it needs financial software with big-business power at small-business costs.

Sage ERP X3 is The Woodlands Foundation’s choice. It gives them the ability to track revenues and expenses by:

  • Funding source
  • Project
  • Program

 Explains Peter Clakeley, executive director for The Woodlands Foundation. “Sage ERP X3 is ideal for the detailed level of income and expense tracking that nonprofit organizations require.”

Sage ERP X3 was selected for its ability to meet all of these requirements, and more. “The decision-support system of Sage ERP X3 is a major reason we selected it,” says Clakeley. “Our reports are timely and accurate, thanks to the software’s automation features.”

With Power Comes Efficiency

While Sage ERP X3 has plenty of horsepower to manage the financial reporting of organizations with budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Clakeley finds it an ideal tool for managing the Foundation’s more modest budget due to its:

  • Ease of use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Efficient operation

“We are able to run this organization with one part-time financial clerk,” he says. “That is due in large part to the efficiencies gained with Sage ERP X3. A decade ago, our monthly financial reports required more effort and took us until the end of the following month to complete. Now they are wrapped up by the end of the first week in the month.”

Tailored Reports

There is a broad and varied audience for many of the foundation’s reports. Each manager receives reports detailing his or her department’s year-to-date budget to actual performance by individual general ledger line item. Directors monitor reports that show the organization as a whole with revenue shortfalls and surpluses and expense savings and overages.

“We also generate reports that meet the needs of our board of directors and of course our accountants and auditors,” notes Clakeley.

“We run multiple programs and projects simultaneously, each with a different source of revenues and each requiring specific tracking,” Clakeley adds. “The multidimensional features of Sage ERP X3 allow us to easily capture data and create virtually any financial report we want.”

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