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Sage ERP X3 – Operate at your Own Pace

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One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is growing too big, too fast.  With Sage ERP X3 at your side, you can grow at your own comfortable pace so you don’t outgrow yourself before you’re prepared to take the next lunge forward.  With full integration, Sage ERP X3 gives you the freedom to change platforms and adapt to changing environments.  Let Sage ERP X3 help suit your business to success and take it to the next level.

 Grow at your own pace

Because your management system should always support your business strategy, not hinder it, we designed Sage ERP X3 software to provide your business with more control and flexibility. You can deploy all or part of the Sage ERP X3 functions (finance, sales, CRM, manufacturing, purchasing and inventory management) according to your requirements, one step at a time. All functions are integrated into the system: you simply activate them as you need them, without having to start a new project from scratch.  In the same way, you can implement your ERP system in a single location and for a limited number of users first, and then progressively connect new users, either locally or remotely in the same way. Sage ERP X3 scales from 10 to 1,000 users and benchmarks up to 1,500 concurrent users!

 Change platforms without changing users’ habits

Sage ERP X3’s open technology design provides full independence between the functional and the technical layer. No matter what platform you choose today, your company can choose to change operating environments with no consequences for its management system.

Sage ERP X3 works equally well in web and/or client-server architecture and with most standard environments: Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases, Windows, Unix or Linux operating systems.

Adapt the system to your changing environment

Who knows what your business will be tomorrow? By choosing Sage ERP X3 software, you ensure that your existing and future business processes will be supported by your management system. Simple parameterization of the system allows you to change or define new information flows and procedures very quickly, without additional development. But, should the need arise, the provided development toolset also allows you to create a fully customized routine.  Sage ERP X3’s open architecture makes it easy to connect new applications to your system when growing. For example, an Sage ERP X3 customer who wanted to expand its business online in addition to its traditional channels simply connected a web storefront to its ERP system using the Xtend e-Commerce component. The company achieved a total ROI after only nine months, and most of all, took advantage of the seamless integration with its Sage ERP X3 system to keep full control of the inventory, shipping and invoicing process.

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