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The Best Part of Sage Summit (from Patty Benitez)

By July 18, 2014December 10th, 2018No Comments

Sage Summit 2014 Patty Benitez Interview SWK TechIn preparation for Sage Summit, we decided to catch up with Patty Benitez, Senior Channel Sales Executive at SWK and MAPADOC, and also the woman behind the new TBX time and billing solution. We asked her a few questions about her past experiences at Sage Summit, and her expectations for this year.

First off, what have you loved about Sage Summit in the past?

I love that every year you learn about the new offerings in the “What’s New” sessions. I love to attend those sessions so that I know what to offer my clients as an incentive to upgrade.  I also like to find out about what the other third-party developers are offering. Learning from them is always great, and then it’s great to present our new programs to them as well.

The best part about Sage Summit every year is connecting with the resellers and clients who you talk to on the phone all year—but that you’ve never met in person. It’s always great to run into people and say that you had imagined them one way, but then they look completely different. Everyone always tells me that they imagined me as some tall, overweight person…but then they’re surprised when they meet me and I look like a supermodel. (I wish.)

The best example of this is a reseller from Africa. Everyone had spoken to him, and he was from Africa (he had a great accent). When I spoke to him on the phone, I imagined a tall, thin, black man on the other end, but I was so wrong! I was really surprised when I met him: average height, blond, blue eyes… I said, “You can’t be him!” but then when he responded, I recognized his voice. So yeah, I always love meeting people in person and also reconnecting with everyone else who I only see one time per year.

What are you most looking forward to this year at Sage Summit?

Of course, I’m looking forward to learning all about the new things, and what the other third-party developers have come out with—just like I’m excited about those every year.

However, this year, I’m really excited about telling the other third-party developers about the spectacular, amazing, incredible thing [Editor’s Note: she’s flinging her arms around and posing at this point to demonstrate how spectacular] that we’re doing now at MAPADOC and SWK Tech.

Really. This year’s announcement from SWK is going to be like a bomb going off in a calm room among the resellers. It’s going to shake things up. It’s going to make a splash. How else can I say this? It’s going to be the most amazing thing. Ever.

What is?

TBX – Time & Billing Exact. All the resellers bill based on hours and since Sage retired their Timesheet solution, there hasn’t been anything else. This is the new thing. If you’re a reseller and you’re trying to figure out what to switch to now that Timesheet is gone, we have the answer: You want to switch to TBX.

Come see Patty in person!

Come see Patty talk about TBX – Time & Billing Exact live at the Sage Summit session on Wednesday, July 30 at 12:00 pm. She’ll be in the Mandalay Bay Convention Hall and her session is called “Time Tracking in the Modern Age: What Businesses That Provide Services Need to Know” (BUS-504). And hey, while you’re there, give Patty a hug. She’s missed you this past year.


Want to learn more about TBX – Time & Billing Exact? Click the button below to get all your questions answered now.

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