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Sage X3 Tip: Turning Your Great Ideas into Reality

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Congratulations, you’ve got your brand new ERP system working great! I’m sure your whole company is excited and that you’re all starting to see how much time you’ll save in the future. Here’s the thing though, just because your Sage X3 system is live, that doesn’t mean there’s no need to look for continuous improvements. Your business is evolving and growing and so should your knowledge of the ERP system you utilize. This tip shows you how you can keep improving your business—without taking any chances.

I encourage our Sage X3 customers to use their test environments frequently. Your test environment can help you to streamline your processes and test out functionality that may have been put on the back burner during an implementation. Make sure to test, and test, and test. That way, you’ll come up with something that works perfectly for your company’s needs.

Here’s how to take something you’ve tested and turn it into reality

Once you have fully tested processes and confirmed data outputs, you can easily copy your new setup to your live environment. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the copy button on various screens, windows, and other objects. If you select it, you will see a pop up like the one above, asking which folder you want to copy the setup to. (The “From folder” will default from the folder you are currently logged into.)

If you run into the Field Error “To folder” (image below), you’ll need to change permission rights between the two folders. To do this, follow the steps from the program to give access rights.

While in the folder you are copying from, follow the path in the image below.

  • Select the folder you are logged into from the left list.
  • Select the “Links” tab.

In the access rights section of the Links tab:

  • Select the folder you want to give access rights to
  • Tab out
  • Don’t forget to save.

After saving, you must log into the folder you want to copy to and perform the same task.

Once this has been completed, you will be able to copy objects between your two folders, which will save you lots of setup time!

Looking for more tips?

If you want more tips on how to best use your Sage X3 system, or if you’d like suggestions about test environment options you should try, talk to the ERP experts at SWK Technologies first.

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