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Sage ERP X3 Patch 26 – New Financial Features

By November 14, 2013No Comments

Financial CapabilitiesThe latest patch (Patch 26) for Sage ERP X3 delivers three major enhancements to core financial capabilities, and begins the delivery on functionality to handle true intercompany transactions.

These three enhancements are must-have requirements for many mid-market businesses in North America who operate multiple legal entities. The new core financial features are designed to help Sage ERP X3 customers:

1. Increase efficiency and streamline the management of business transactions with recurring customer and supplier invoices. Users are now able to define repeating accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) invoices within Sage ERP X3 as well as facilitate the automated management of these transactions instead of having to create each document manually.

2. Improve productivity and consolidate business processes with intercompany customer and supplier invoices. Through intercompany transactions within Sage ERP X3 a company is now able to share a supplier or customer invoice across multiple companies without manual data re-entry.

3. Remove the risk of data entry errors across different companies with intercompany general ledger (GL) journal entries. A new function within Sage ERP X3 allows users to create journal entries that include financial sites from different companies as well as sets up the elimination accounts that will be used for intercompany AR/AP invoices and journal entries.

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