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Sage ERP X3 Makes Business Easier

By August 28, 2014No Comments

Sage ERP X3 Makes Business Easier SWK TechIs your company hesitant to try out an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system because you worry your business would be harder to manage on a day-to-day basis? Have you heard that complex businesses (like yours) require complex computer programs?

You can stop wondering because here’s the truth: You do need a complex program, but it will make your business run much, much better.

In the short-term, yes, it will take a while to implement a new system and to learn it… and yes, that time period will be frustrating. However, good ERP resellers understand that the pace of business is relentless (after all, we have businesses of our own to maintain), and your reseller should adapt the installation of your new computer system to your learning speed—and work around your commitment schedule.

Even more truth: Once you learn your new ERP system, your business will run better than ever before.

Here are just three ways that a powerful ERP system like Sage ERP X3 makes running your business easier.

1. Your employees can take on new responsibilities

With an ERP system such as Sage ERP X3, your employees will have the flexibility to take on new responsibilities or fill in for their coworkers without extra training. Because the system has a common look and feel for every department and inside every module, your employees will understand how to work their way through an unfamiliar area of the system—it will seem familiar to them.

Plus, with Visual Process Maps, Sage ERP X3 offers users a roadmap to see what to do next. Instead of searching to find relevant information at the right times, your employees will be able to click on their next task to go directly to the screen they need to be in right then. That, of course, makes taking on new responsibilities or filling in a snap.

2. Everyone can quickly find the information they need

No matter what department each employee works in, a strong, modern ERP system like Sage ERP X3 will offer your staff (and you) customizable business intelligence dashboards and shortcuts / menus that lead to the areas used most.

This means that you won’t have to wait for supervisors and managers to send reports and other information to you—you can see that information in real-time, right when you need it. And your supervisors and managers? They can focus on their jobs, instead of compiling reports all the time.

These benefits aren’t just for employees either, a modern ERP system allows even your customers and trading partners to access relevant information, so that information sharing is easy for everyone.

3. Information is available to you when and where you need it

With web-native interfaces and cloud capabilities, modern ERP systems enable you to maintain your work-life balance. When you’re always available to keep up with your work back at the office, you can find the time to slip away to buy groceries, get a haircut, or stop by the bank. Plus, if emergency situations arise, you’ll be able to take care of them fast—no matter where you are.

Why does Sage ERP X3 make your business easier to run?

With a complex, yet simple-to-use ERP like Sage ERP X3, your employees will be able to work better as a team, flexibly helping each other out by filling in whenever and wherever they’re needed. In addition, you and your employees will be able to get the information you need to make fast, effective decisions—and you can make those decisions from anywhere and at anytime, using your mobile device. If you’re still hesitant to try out an ERP, even though you know it will help your company grow, please contact us by clicking the button below. We’re always here to give you an honest answer—and if an ERP really isn’t for your company, we’ll tell you.


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