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How Sage ERP X3 Helps Everyone in Your Company

By February 4, 2014No Comments

professional-outdoors-300x200Businesses run faster and smoother when everyone is on the same page, but it’s hard for everyone to be on the same page when data isn’t shared within the company. Conversely, when data is shared, creative and effective solutions to company problems can be solved by many people, in many departments. Here’s the first part of our two-part guide to the real challenges that everyone in your company is facing, and here’s how Sage ERP X3 can help everyone work smarter.

What your CEO is thinking

“I need more timely information so that I can make better, faster decisions. With better information, I can get this company to be more efficient, and I can free up more capital for growth.”

With Sage ERP X3, your CEO will gain insight into real-time company processes, from every facet of the company. When your CEO understands the detailed changes and procedures that the company goes through, minute to minute, he or she can make the company run better, and can allocate appropriate resources for targeted growth.

What your accounting department is thinking

“If I just had a little bit of time, and I didn’t have to focus on receivables and closing so much, I’d actually be able to prioritize accurate forecasts for the company and optimize the company’s cash flow.”

With Sage ERP X3, your accounting department will be able to automate many of their procedures and stop feeling like they’re constantly treading water. When accounting has more time free, they can focus on providing better information that builds the company faster.

What your sales and customer service departments are thinking

“If I just knew what products everyone I’m talking to had already purchased, I’d be able to pitch to them so much better. Plus, when any of my customers have problems of any kind, I’d really like a fast, easy, and efficient way to help them out. It’s hard to know what to do when I don’t have accurate information available.”

When your sales department is running Sage ERP X3, they can easily track each product your customers are using, and they can create better, more effective pitches to turn their leads into closed deals. With the fully integrated Sage CRM system, your customer service department will also be able to view all previous customer concerns and calls, so that they spend less time getting up to speed, and more time providing incredible service.

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