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Sage 500 ERP

Sage 500 ERP Product Configurator for Distributors and Manufacturers

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As a manufacturer or distributor, running operations is no easy task.  Everyday presents a new challenge. Whether it stems from logistics, inventory, or materials, the bottom line is that bumps in the road will arrive.  Sage 500 ERP is designed to help lift you over the bumps so you can maintain an organized, smooth running, profitable enterprise.  One way Sage 500 ERP helps manufacturers and distributors is with its Advanced Product Configurator module.

Advanced Product Configurator for Manufacturers and Distributors 

Sage 500 ERP Product Configurator module was designed for use in either distribution or manufacturing environments. Customer service personnel benefit from an easy-to-use interface for feature/option selection, and integration with Sales Order Entry.

This advanced solution is easy to set up and maintain. The intuitive user interface helps the user configure base products quickly using a double mouse-click or search function to choose preconfigured options for each customer order.

Product Configurator builds new parts by starting with a base item and adding features or options to it. New items can be created on the fly using customized item masks, new long and short item descriptions, and other options.

Finished configurations contain unique routings and bills of material built during the configuration process. Product Configurator also builds the item cost and suggested price.

Popular configurations are saved and reused as standard parts. All configurations are based on standard rules that limit or require certain features or options if another feature or option is selected. Final configurations can be validated to make sure that the final item can be produced.

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