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Sage 500 2018 SDK and Source Code Released

By September 19, 2018October 2nd, 2018No Comments

Long Live Sage 500!

Sage recently announced the release of the software development kit (SDK) and accompanying source code for Sage 500 2018. The Sage 500 team at SWK Technologies has been able to review the latest version of the solution and outline all of the changes made to your Sage 500 system.

Below is a list of everything included in the latest update to Sage 500 2018:

• Added field for Mobile Phone number to most entities: customers, vendors, buyers, sales persons, warehouses, etc.
• Document Transmittal Changes

• SMTP encryption support (SSL) has been added and support for requiring credentials. The credentials are stored, so they don’t have to be re-entered.
• Better error reporting

• 1099 changes were added to support features existing in Aatrix, including the ability specify a 1099 specific address, name and to indicate if the vendor consents to receiving 1099s via email. Tax payer ID is also masked in most places.
• As new versions of Microsoft Office are delivered, v2018 and beyond should support them without the need for a product update.
• Registration now supports Clusters and High-Availability servers, with SQL 2017 support added too.
• Added a verification during startup and install to make any changes necessary to support side-by-side running of Sage 500 with other Sage products using a different version of Crystal Reports.
• Removed dependency on no-longer-supported SQL DMO.
• Credit Card Processing no longer supports TSL 1.0
• The USPS Web service is a new feature that has been added to both Maintain Customers and Maintain Vendors. It is important to note that this web service, which is hosted by the United States Postal Service, will only validate US based physical addresses. Any attempt to use international addresses for validation will result in an error message about unrecognized state and/or zip code.
• New process allows invoices paid by credit card to be recorded to the associated AP vendor to help expedite the settlement and cash distribution processes.


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