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Recorded Webcast: “Back to Class” BeerRun Training Webinar

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Our “Back to Class” BeerRun Training Webinar on Friday, September 20, 2013 was a big success!

The turnout was terrific: 57 people registered. Hart Singh, BeerRun’s lead developer, did an awesome job of covering the agenda and answering questions.

Here is a recording of the webcast:

BeerRun “Back To Class” Webcast: 9-20-2013


1. End-to-end flow:

    • Produce
    • Purchase
    • Sell

2. Allocate SOs to Inventory and WIP
3. How to use roles to reduce complexity
4. How to build Packing Bill of Materials
5. How to factor labor into costs
6. How to use TTB functionality
7. “Oops!”
8. Deep dive into Reports
9. How I use BeerRun:

    • Sue Weber — Sierra Blanca Brewing Co.
    • Jason Ebel — Two Brothers Brewing Co.

For more information:

Steve Plisk
Client Services
973-251-0061 | [email protected]

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