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Sage X3

New Features in Sage ERP X3

By December 5, 2013No Comments

Safe X3 Technology Platform The dynamic new version of Sage ERP X3 draws on the SAFE X3 technological platform to transform your integrated management system into a true collaborative environment that each member of the company can access along with customers, partners and authorized suppliers to significantly improve overall efficiency.  With a quick ROI, Sage ERP X3 reduces manual entry time, while increasing productivity for more effective time management.

New pre-configured tools

  • Sage Visual Processes, a graphic process editor, now offers multilingual management and the ability to link each process to the company’s procedural part
  • SAFE WAS (Web Application Server) and Web Services: a new set of e-business solutions (portal, e-applications) and REST protocol integration to facilitate collaboration
  • Eclipse editor built in for easier and more productive Sage ERP X3 developments
  • New graphic components for easier navigation
  • New pre-configured business intelligence universes for more pointed analyses and more detailed operating reports

Optimized collaborative and operational processes

An application platform that improves operational processes with your suppliers, your partners and your clients, Sage ERP X3 deepens its functional abilities for optimal operation management.

Extensions and functional improvements for higher efficiency

  • Sub-contracting management extended to purchasing and supply management: components managed, acquired service defined, automatic functions for financial flows with your partner, etc.
  • Advanced management upon ordering to optimize customer delivery times, linking their needs to your upcoming restocking orders
  • New order preparation functionalities to organize, automate and optimize your dispatch processes, no matter what organization method or preparation cycles you use
  • Tighter quality control, integrating frequency of checks and determining sample size for more consistent results
  • A new industrial relationship and process management module – ETO (Engineer To Order) – built into all the company’s processes for comprehensive flow monitoring with visibility and traceability of cost and project progress.

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