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New Enhancements Are Now Available for Sage ERP X3 Version 5 (Patch 24 & 25)

By March 6, 2014No Comments

Sage ERP X3 Patches 24 & 25 SWK TechNew Updates are Available Now!

Have you heard about the latest product update for Sage ERP X3 version 5? This enhancement update release is for Patches 24 & 25, and it enables you to experience improved control, accuracy, and overall operational performance when using your ERP system.

You can download the latest product update for Sage ERP X3 version 5 (Patch 24 & 25) by logging onto the Sage Partner Portal, and then accessing the Sage ERP X3 Historical Patch Download section. Once you’re there, just follow the instructions.

Is it time for an upgrade?

If you’re still running Sage ERP X3 version 5, you might want to consider an upgrade. Sage ERP X3 version 7 will be released this year, and it features enhanced mobile capabilities, a beautifully redesigned user interface that makes manipulating the system easy, and greater flexibility in search, inventory management, business intelligence, and far, far more.

Contact SWK’s Sage ERP X3 Team

Confused about the upgrade? Don’t know if the update applies to you and your system? Want to find out more about the new version that will be available soon? Please contact us online with any questions you may have–we’d love to help you out.

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