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Manage the Complexity and Challenges of Craft Brewing

By September 30, 2013No Comments

Craft Brewing The craft brewing industry has seen tremendous growth over the last several years with no signs of slowing down. More and more breweries are opening every day and the existing breweries are adding capacity just to keep up with demand. Breweries are experimenting with different styles of beer and adding seasonal beers, limited edition beers, and specialty variety packs. They are also changing the way they package, adding bottling lines and canning lines into their processes. And try figuring out the TTB and excise tax reporting on top of it all. With all this comes a more complex business model and makes managing the business very challenging. More and more breweries are turning to software to help manage their growing operations.

In response to these complexities and challenges, SWK Technologies developed BeerRun (, a solution specific to craft brewing industry to help eliminate the need for manual processes and out of control spreadsheets. BeerRun will soon release version 5 and is the leading Brewery Management System in North America. It is a cloud solution that manages all aspects of the business and integrates with most common accounting software. The application has also automated filing the Brewers Report of Operations and federal excise tax reporting.

“All your information in one place” seems to be the theme when speaking with current BeerRun clients, especially when speaking with Tyson Read of Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg, Washington. He has complete visibility to all aspects of the business with no need to track down certain individuals to get answers. He said, “BeerRun is a huge time saver. Before BeerRun, we had to manually count all orders and input that into spreadsheets to determine the brew schedule. Now the information comes right from BeerRun.”

Suzanne Weber, co-founder of Sierra Blanca Brewing Co. in New Mexico says, “BeerRun was a game changer! I got my life back with BeerRun. I can now be out with my kids and pull up on my iPad what’s going on in the brewery.” Sierra Blanca’s production is up about 15% in 2013 and Suzanne said, “BeerRun definitely helped manage that growth.” For the first 6 months on BeerRun they used the excise tax reporting functionality in BeerRun and manually calculated their returns to check for accuracy. “It was right every month and we have complete confidence that the excise reports are correct.”

Now more than ever, IT business solutions are helping growing companies deal with complex business issues. The craft brewing industry is no different. Visit the website to find out more information about BeerRun Software or contact a member of our brewery team at and see how we can help streamline your data and simplify your life.

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