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Learn About SWK Tech in This Free Podcast

By March 25, 2014No Comments
Andrew Nunez Podcast SWK Technologies

Listen to this great podcast and learn fun facts about beer, as well as how SWK Tech can help your business succeed.

Do you know what craft beer, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and retired professors have in common? This great podcast from Andrew Nunez of SWK Technologies.

Learn about SWK

Each week, Ed Kless of Sage interviews a new partner, and SWK’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Nunez, was the star of the show this week. This podcast can introduce you to SWK as a company, if you’re unfamiliar with us, and through Andrew’s great personality, you can understand what drives us here at SWK.

What are you waiting for? Listen to the podcast here.

What topics are covered?

In this podcast, Andrew answers interesting questions, such as:

  • What’s an interesting problem you had to solve for a customer?
    • (Hint: It has to do with thousands of beers.)
  • Who is your hero? (The answer will surprise you.)

Take a Break and Listen In

We here at SWK are a relationship-building company, above all else, and the partnerships we develop with you, our customer, are what inspires us to keep going year after year. (How many years have we been in business? Listen to the podcast to find out.) We know your day is busy and you have a lot to do, but take a few minutes to relax and learn about SWK and what we can do for you. This podcast is a great way for you to meet us, and we’re sure you’ll want to get in touch with us after you learn who we are.

Thanks for listening.
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