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Sage X3

Knowledge Is Power: Know Your Finances, Know Your Business

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Sage ERP X3Tired of going to multiple systems to get the information you need to make decisions?

Do you find yourself waiting way too long to get the data you need?

Are you out of the loop about your finances because you are caught playing waiting games?

Sage ERP X3 gives you the information you need, all in one spot.  No more running around, and no more using different systems.  With increased functionality, Sage ERP X3 gives you the freedom you deserve, making it easier to track and manage your financial cycle while facilitating group reporting and financial communication.  With multiple lingual options available, Sage ERP X3 automatically reports in your chosen currency and language so you have the correct, already translated material on the spot.  Go all-in when it comes to understanding and running your business.

A New International Dimension

Sage ERP X3 now gives you more visibility over your activities by integrating your offices, branches and foreign subsidiaries into your information system.  All your organizations share the same reference system and work in their own language and currency with an accounting and financial management system that fits national regulations and requirements. The automatic inter-company flows are achieved smoothly through a reference system shared by all the group’s structures. This gives you real-time visibility of each entity’s activity: overall reporting is easier and quicker, financial communication is easy.

 Reinforced Financial Performance Management for More Tranquility

Sage ERP X3 helps rationalize and improve all financial processes, such as monitoring and managing expenses and investments as well as managing outstanding debts and customer follow-up. Equipped with a multi-account plan, Sage ERP X3 facilitates group reporting and financial communication.  As a result, you combine operational management, analysis and reporting needs with no reprocessing or double data entry. With Sage ERP X3, you more quickly and more precisely manage your financial cycle, collaboration is improved and reactivity is strengthened in a local and international setting.

Reinforced Functionalities

  • Budgets and expenses are managed according to your rules for comprehensive monitoring of all your investment processes
  • A multi-account plan solution to combine legal, standard, analytical and reporting needs with no double entries or reprocessing
  • Mono-referential multi-legislation
  • Compliance with SEPA standards and new bank protocols (EBICS, SWIFTNET)
  • Managing outstanding debts and customer follow-up with campaigns built into the CRM
  • Advanced, built-in asset management to expertly respond to local and international legal requirements
  • New consolidation and reporting functionalities to reduce closing times and ensure that your information is reliable
  • Built-in liquid asset management to optimize your payment and reconciliation flows

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