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Sage 500 ERP

Are You Getting the Most Out of Sage 500 ERP?

By January 23, 2014No Comments

Sage-500-ERP-customization-SWK-282x300You’ve heard that Sage 500 ERP is integrated, scalable and filled with helpful enhancements and plug-ins for HR, payroll, warehouse management, CMS and more, but did you know that Sage 500 ERP is also fully customizable? A lot of companies say their products are customizable, but since you’ve been working with Sage 500 ERP, you know that when we at SWK talk about what we offer, it is always much more than you expect. Today I’d like to talk about some customizations that you can apply to Sage 500 ERP.


What do I mean when I say that Sage 500 ERP is fully customizable?

Simple answer: I mean that you can set up your ERP to do absolutely whatever you need it to do for you.

Our main goal at SWK Technologies is to serve our clients better, and that includes giving your company the ability to access, display and modify your data so that your business reaches maximum efficiency and productivity. Sage 500 ERP has flexible features that allow you to run your business the way you want it to, including helpful modifications, customized reports, personalized business intelligence—you can even develop custom applications for Sage 500 ERP using our source code (don’t worry though, most customization projects don’t require you to know any programming languages).

Customize what you see

Have you ever run into a program where you always look for something in the wrong part of the screen? With Sage 500 ERP you can modify your screens and forms to match your specific business processes so that when you look at your computer you see the information you need, right where you expect to see it. However, I know that that the data that helps you isn’t necessarily the data the helps everyone in your company. In Sage 500 ERP you can control your customizations to all users or you can specify users or groups, including departments, companies, executives or mixed groups. With customized information at the ready, you and your employees can make better, faster decisions.

Save time

There’s a program that I use every day, and it’s not made by SWK. Every time I open the program, I immediately have to navigate an overwhelming number of menus and sub-menus just to activate a specific feature I use every day. With Sage 500 ERP you don’t need to waste time navigating menus, you can set up shortcuts that save you valuable time. You can adapt your form controls and tab sequences (and more) so that you can focus on the important thing: growing your business.

Build the perfect system

Are you one of those people who likes to optimize everything using in-depth customizations and applications? With Sage 500 ERP you can create your own add-on programs or interface controls using Visual Basic tools, wizards and other application development solutions. You should be able to do most of your customizations and mods without any programming knowledge, but when you need to develop the perfect custom app, Sage 500 ERP’s source code is available to you with full documentation and specifications so your company can define custom processes and enhance functionality without wasting time reverse engineering the system. Plus, you can enable, disable and delete customizations through a centralized customization management console.

Contact our Sage 500 ERP Team

If you would like to learn more about how to customize Sage 500 ERP for your business, please contact us online.

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