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Get the Power of the World Wide Web with Sage X3 Version 7

By October 20, 2014August 29th, 2019No Comments

Do you remember how much easier your life became once you started using the Internet? Now, imagine how much easier work would be if the ERP you use could be accessed directly through the Web.

Sage X3 Version 7 has integrated a Web-browser-based platform, allowing you to access every aspect of your business through the Internet.

The Web-based design makes Sage X3 Version 7 easier to use because of its familiar architecture and mobile use of web applications, plus you can now access your critical data remotely.

Your Very Own ERP Apps

Along with Sage X3’s use of the Internet comes the use of time-saving extensions: mobile apps. Sage X3 Version 7 is designed to be utilized by a web browser—which can be accessed through desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Smartphone integration with iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices further increases your ERP abilities, even on smaller screens.

On the Spot at Any Time

Don’t you hate TO-DO Lists? What if you could complete all your tasks on the spot at the moment they come to mind? Sage X3 Version 7’s versatile design enables you to settle any business matters you have on the go, at the drop of a hat.

Your Business at Your Convenience

If you’re someone like me then you like having as much control over everything you can, every single moment of your day. Unfortunately, the realities of the world don’t allow us to control most things in life. This is why being a business owner has its perks. With owning a business comes having the last say in any executive decision that needs to be made. However, before signing off on anything that comes to your desk, you’re going to need the tools to immediately receive that data. Sage X3 Version 7 provides those tools, even when you’re not at your desk.

The Bottom Line

The faster the better. I’m sure there is no one that disagrees with the need for speed in computer systems and business decisions. Being able to easily access your business data anywhere definitely makes the use of your time much more stress-free… and much more focused.

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