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What Does Flexible Mean When We Talk About Sage ERP X3?

By January 24, 2014No Comments

Sage-ERP-X3-flexibility-SWK-300x223When you started your business, you had goals and dreams for its grand future. In your mind, your business would take over your market sector, provide amazing service, and your customers (who would be everyone on the planet, of course) would call your company every day to thank you for making their lives incredible. These are great goals, and we here at SWK Technologies want to help you achieve every goal you have for your business. In fact, your goals and dreams for your business are the very reason that we provide Sage ERP X3. We know that those of you who are just starting out, as well as those of you who have already achieved success beyond your wildest imaginings still need a flexible solution to handle your company’s growth. Today, we’re going to talk about how Sage ERP X3 helps support your business as it grows.

Sage ERP X3 is designed to evolve

Perhaps your business isn’t what you thought it would be when you started. At the beginning, you had clear ideas about what you were selling and to whom it was being sold, but now you realize that the people and companies who want your product are different from what you imagined. Maybe even your product is different now.

For example, your business started out manufacturing craft tools, and you expected that your business would have a straight distribution model. Then you published a newsletter in order to expand your audience and you suggested ways to modify craft tools so that they serve essential housewife, student and entertainment functions. Everyone loves your craft tool “hacks,” and you realize that switching to a freemium online model in which you sell your ideas is really going to make your business huge. Suddenly, you no longer actually manufacture tools; you teach people how to modify tools to best fit their needs. Your whole business model has been upended, but Sage ERP X3 can take care of your new needs with flexible features like eCommerce and Web services that allow you to redesign your website so that you can include all the important lessons that you’ve created for your audience.

Sage ERP X3 matches your business pace

You want your ERP to keep up with what you’re doing—now that you’re selling those great tool hacks. With customizable functions like finance, sales, CRM, manufacturing, purchasing and inventory management, you can change and update your business strategy as often as you need, and still know that your business will run smoothly.

Another example: Your tool hacks website is so popular that your servers can’t actually handle the amount of customers who want to buy your premium videos. In fact, you’ve managed to crash the entire Internet because everyone in the world flocked to your site to watch your newest video (but your Sage ERP X3 system was fine—and you used SWK Network Services, so you didn’t have to worry about your data). You decide you need to have actual brick and mortar stores in which to teach your customers, and suddenly you need a robust CRM system to manage your customer list, plus you need to place multiple administrators all over the world. Sage ERP X3 has integrated CRM functions, and you can roll out your Sage ERP X3 systems into each location as your business grows.

Sage ERP X3 meets all your present and future needs

No matter what direction your business takes as it grows and expands, Sage ERP X3 covers your needs. You can change your business processes naturally—Sage ERP X3 will support your old processes and adapt to new ones as you change them. You can change your system parameters to modify your information flows and procedures quickly, or you can use the development toolset to create your own customized routine. You can also connect new applications to your system as your business grows and changes and since Sage ERP X3 is so flexible, you always have the ability to change your operating platform without missing a beat in your business.

In life and in business, everything changes, but Sage ERP X3 changes with you and meets your needs as your company changes and grows. That’s what we mean when we talk about Sage ERP X3’s flexibility.

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