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Sage 500 ERP

Easier Business Functions With Sage 500 ERP

By October 16, 2013No Comments

Business Functions - sage 500As we all know, there are no “Easy Buttons” in business.  Every process, every sale, and every change requires lots of time and effort.  But what if there was something to make things a little less complicated?

Good news: Sage 500 ERP provides you an “Easier Button” that can create a less complicated business environment by visually displaying data and incorporating tracking abilities.

The features in Sage 500 ERP 2013 are designed to help customers increase productivity, simplify processes and reduce costs across their business.

Businesses can save time navigating processes with Visual Process Flows, which demonstrates the steps of a process in visual terms, while also including links to the various tasks along the way.  The Cash Flow Management features process cash receipts more efficiently and accurately with new import and tracking capabilities. And, by seamlessly integrating cloud services into Sage 500 ERP 2013, such as improved credit card management with Sage Exchange, businesses can add services as their needs grow and change.

Connected services expand and enhance Sage 500 ERP functionality using seamless integrations that can extend over the web and create a mobile workforce.

  • Sage 500 ERP Shipping by SmartLinc, a new web-based, fully scalable multicarrier shipping solution, allows for cost-effective and efficient shipping while improving delivery times.
  • Sage Exchange Portal provides increased access and flexibility to view payments information on the web through a tablet or desktop.
  • Sage Exchange Vault, a secure, cloud-based vault, stores sensitive cardholder data, reducing fraud exposure and guaranteeing PCI compliance.

Sage 500 ERP 2013 helps businesses:

  • Save time when navigating business processes with Visual Process Flows by demonstrating the steps of a process in visual terms with links to the various tasks along the way.
  • Improve cash flow by processing cash receipts efficiently and accurately with new import and tracking capabilities.
  • Reduce errors with easy-to-use bank reconciliation and sub ledger enhancements that provide controls to lock down postings for period-end closing and maintain reporting integrity.

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