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Defining Success Through Customer Loyalty and Commitment

By December 13, 2011Blog

It’s the end of the year, which means our minds are on the holiday season with an eye toward 2012. I think this is a great time to share with you a few customer success stories, prepared from viewpoints of the SWK staff. They shared these during the past few weeks while we conducted our performance reviews and set goals for next year.

Monica Byrne, Senior MAS 90/200 Consultant – Customer: KMG Digital, Rochester, NY:

KMG Digital sells Kodak branded products and has very specific royalty reports they have to submit. It was taking them days to produce them quarterly. We were able to capture the required information with user-defined fields in MAS 200, and then I wrote some very complex crystal reports. It now takes them minutes instead of days, and Kodak liked the reports so much, they’ve required their other distributors to use the same formats.

Michelle Paparo, Vice President of Client Services and Support – Customer: Amdex Computer, Inc., Rochester, NY:

When we first starting working with Amdex, receiving goods would take the better part of a day and delay the shipping of anything out. By working with Amdex to implement a scanning solution with multi-bin, the company was able to streamline its effort and resources so that receiving would be completed in less than an hour, salespeople would know exactly what was on hand at any point during the day, and shipping could be performed as orders were ready to go. Amdex saved time and money, and improved internal and external customer satisfaction. The company also has have since upgraded its software to take advantage of new features such as paperless office, and has save a lot of time and money by emailing invoices.

Adrian Carranza, Senior MAS 500 Consultant – Customer: Electrical Distributing Inc., Portland, OR:

Electrical Distributing, Inc. is an electrical components wholesaler with a large portion of its business coming from Internet retailers, including and Using MAPADOC for MAS 500, SWK created an automated process to import sales orders into MAS 500 and send an order status response back out for each transaction that runs 24/7 for the order process. Electrical Distributing has been able to leverage the work we did in automating the order process and apply it to all EDI-based customers to make productivity gains in order processing accuracy and turnaround time.

Alec Smith, Senior MAS 500 Consultant – Customer: Van de Vries Spice Corporation, East Brunswick, NJ:

Van de Vries Spice Corporation is an example of how SWK took over an existing Sage customer who was not pleased with its previous consultant. Van de Vries Spice was also not feeling positive about the service it was receiving from the publisher and thought this may have resulted in having a poorly designed system that did not provide strong internal controls. We performed business process reengineering, reconfigured the company’s entire ERP system and revamped system workflow that dramatically improved visibility into the company’s operations, as well as relevant and reliable financial/managerial reporting.

Tim Flynn, Senior Sage ERP X3 Consultant – Customer: Allied Metals, Troy, MI:

Allied Metals purchases, processes and sells pounds of scrap metal bar. The finished metals are placed on pallets, scaled for weight and stored in a very large warehouse facility. Allied Metals did not manage warehouse locations and did not identify pallets using license plates, which made it difficult for the pickers to locate pallets of metal and know the number of pounds on each. This made the picking process very cumbersome. In addition, all warehouse inventory movements and adjustments were recorded manually on paper and sent to the office to be entered into the Sage ERP X3 application. This was causing a delay in inventory accuracy and possible discrepancies in their inventory balances.

In order to better manage the company’s finished good inventory, SWK defined zones within the warehouse that provided visibility to the pickers as to where the pallets are located. We also set up pallet IDs that are recorded in Sage ERP X3 off of the production line. The new pallet ID now identifies the finished good, the lot (heat number) and the number of pounds on each pallet. Now, when Allied picks a pallet, the picker knows the exact number of pounds being picked for an order.

SWK also implemented barcoded automatic data collection on the production floor and warehouse to provide real-time inventory transactions, eliminating the manual recording of inventory movements. This, in turn, minimized discrepancies in the company’s inventory balances.

Lori Boarman, Senior Sage ERP X3 Consultant – Customer: American Thermal Instruments, Inc., Dayton, OH:

American Thermal Instruments, Inc. and its subsidiary, Microtek Labs, have a high volume of Research and Development services that make up a large percentage of revenues. The company did not have visibility of the costs by individual R&D projects, and used multiple tracking methods. SWK created a process flow menu specific to ATI’s process, in addition to setting up the projects functionality in the system. This allowed the customer to gather all sales, purchasing, manufacturing costs and labor related to the individual projects. In addition to visibility of project costs and revenues, this solution gives everyone involved the visibility to see the status of the projects as they are tracked through the various stages. Prior to this, someone manually created an Excel report, updated it weekly and distributed to everyone for an update.

I think you can easily see how proud we are of our work, regardless if it is with MAPADOC, Sage ERP X3, MAS 90/200/500 or any one of our new cloud-based solutions. The bottom line for us is to bring you the best-fit solution for you and your needs, along with unparalleled service.

I want to thank you for all of your support, continued business and long-term commitment to SWK. Best to one and all!

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