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Dashboards… What are they? How can they help?


If you have heard the term “dashboards” in the Sage ERP X3 Community, the conversation was more than likely referring to digital dashboards.

“Operational Dashboards”, “Business Dashboards”, “Metrics Dashboards”, “Executive Dashboards” are a few of the widely used terms.

What are they?

Dashboards are designed to help you monitor what’s going on at a glance.  They eliminate the need to go searching for data in the system. They allow the system to push the data to you.  It’s real time data – unlike a report that is only showing you data that was good at the time you ran it.

Dashboards are not limited to your Sage ERP X3 transactions.

Frequently used web sites and RSS feeds can be added to assist you for easy access to information that allows you to perform your job better.

The good news is Sage ERP X3 has dashboard capability already there for you.

Even better news…Sage ERP X3 has queries and processes already created for you to build your own dashboard.

However, if you find you need a more robust solution than the dashboards native to Sage ERP X3, they’re available.  For instance, Nectari offers a full-fledged Business Intelligence solution that is fully integrated to Sage ERP X3.

Give this subject some thought, jot down some ideas of data you would benefit being pushed to you and follow this discussion on the SWK blog.  There will be more to come in the next several weeks.   For all those currently using dashboards, please share some of the information you have found useful.

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