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Customizable Data With Sage ERP X3

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Sage ERP X3 Customizable DataRunning a business requires extensive organization.  Without knowing where your reports are, you cannot access your data.  With Sage ERP X3, you can search and manipulate data to fit your organizational needs, without losing the functionality of the ERP system.  With everything at your fingertips, you and your employees can be quicker, more accurate, and more productive when at work so your business can avoid any hiccups.

Manipulate data and share reports with ease

Integration of Sage ERP X3 with Microsoft OfficeTM allows users to manipulate and export data in Office standard formats without losing the accuracy and consistency provided by the single, up-to-date database of the ERP system.

For accounting reporting and simulations, Sage ERP X3 provides a financial management report generator, including? a set of predefined management reports (balance sheet, income statement, intermediate management balances, and more).

For all editions, Sage ERP X3 integrates the Crystal Reports®?statement generator and provides a library of nearly 400 reports: General ledger, balances and daily account activity, invoices, delivery orders, packing lists, shop packet, labels, inventory statements, analyses, and lists can be used directly.

Perform searches with precision and speed

When users need to retrieve information from the Sage ERP X3 database, searching the system is simple. Sage ERP X3 contains an embedded search engine, Sage Search, which provides an exhaustive enterprise search of all data within the ERP system – delivering a single point of access to information regardless of source, format or location. Sage Search delivers faster access to actionable information helping users make better decisions and improve their productivity through enhanced business insight.

Reduce Costs

An efficient ERP solution only makes sense if it’s affordable. Sage ERP X3 is designed to dramatically lower typical ERP costs. Because it can adapt to your organization with little or no customization, Sage ERP X3 lowers your costs from the very beginning of its implementation. These cost-saving results, combined with the wealth of functionality and advanced features included in the package, provide your business with the best value in today’s ERP market. And a perfect way to minimize your IT costs in the long term.

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