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If Your Business Hasn’t Stopped Using Windows XP, You Need to Read This

By April 4, 2014November 10th, 2021No Comments

Think XP is all right for your business? Think again.

Windows XP, Exchange 2003, and Office 2003 will be officially retired on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, and while many businesses have already migrated to new software, there are still many businesses that have not.

If your business has not yet migrated from Windows XP, Exchange 2003, or Office 2003, please take two minutes to read this article carefully.

It is understandable why you want to keep using Windows XP, Exchange 2003, or Office 2003

  • It still works perfectly at your business, and everyone on your staff (finally) knows how to use these systems.
  • You haven’t backed up your system in a little while and you’re dreading having to go through and do that.
  • You’re busy and don’t have time to install, much less learn, a whole new operating system or program.
  • Your business doesn’t have the money to upgrade right now.

Here’s why none of those excuses matter right now:

  • Microsoft will no longer be releasing bug fixes, and it’s unlikely that XP, Exchange 2003, or Office 2003 will continue to run “normally” for much longer. Your employees may be able to use XP, Exchange 2003, or Office 2003 bug-free, but when they do encounter an issue, they will not know how to fix it.
  • If you haven’t backed up your system recently, please do so. In fact, back up your system right after you’ve finished reading this article. Your business success relies on your ability to maintain accurate records of your customers and transactions, and if your system is compromised and you haven’t recently preformed a backup, you’ll lose a lot of valuable data.
  • Selecting, installing, and learning a new system saves you time in the long run. XP Exchange 2003, and Office 2003 are already three generations old, and, let’s face it, they’re both slow and laggy. With a new system, you’ll have access to faster software, you’ll be able to integrate with the Cloud to use any device you choose, and your system will finally be compatible with your customers’ systems.
  • Migrating to a new system will save your business money. Unfortunately, the official retirement for Windows XP, Exchange 2003, and Office 2003 is something that hackers have been anticipating for years, and experts say that immense, ongoing attacks may become a common occurrence after April 8, 2014. Data shows that 36% of businesses fall prey to cyber attacks from hackers, and 60% of hacked small businesses close down within six months of the attack. Migrating to new software is far less costly than handling a cyber attack.

Here’s the good news

Your business is going to be fine. Why? Because you read this article. You understand the dangers that you face, the official XP, Exchange 2003, and Office 2003 retirement date hasn’t occurred yet, and you even have an expert IT company to call for advice and help. SWK has been a trusted IT advisor for years, and our primary concern is our clients’ business success. Please contact us today to ensure the safety of your business.

And seriously, do that backup, too.

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