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Beverage Manufacturer Completes Quick Implementation of Sage ERP X3

By September 6, 2013November 29th, 2018No Comments

Often an ERP integration can be time-consuming and frustrating.  As a result, choosing the best-fit software can be a challenge.  If you are in a rush, the decision becomes even more complicated.  In Orangina’s case, they found a solution that fit all of their business needs, while also catering to their strict schedule.  Sage ERP X3 was the clear choice for them, and they have seen major improvements in their operations with the easy-to-use software.


Orangina CFPO is part of Pernod-Ricard, a large international producer of wines and spirits. Originally produced in Vitrolles, France, the Orangina beverage is a sparkling orange soft drink with pulp that is mixed by the consumer prior to drinking. It is distributed in 45 countries, primarily the British Isles, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Production has since moved to Marseilles Province, where a new facility produces the orange concentrate. The bottles for the export markets are produced by co-packers on behalf of CFPO.

Because much of the previous company had been spun off to Cadbury-Schweppes, the remaining business unit needed to act quickly to implement a new enterprise business system. Of the solutions examined, the company determined Sage ERP X3 to have the best overall fit to their beverage production and distribution requirements and that it could be quickly installed in their desired phased format.

“We wanted to install sales, inventory and accounting in the first phase,” said Denis Bourgue, MIS Manager for CFPO. “We also migrated data from our previous system and laid out the reporting requirements of Pernod-Ricard.” This phase was completed on schedule in just two months.

The next phase involved integrating the purchasing and manufacturing functions. “Sage ERP X3 contained the necessary features we needed, right out of the box,” continued Bourgue. Critical to Orangina CFPO’s operations was the ability to accommodate the intricacies of exporting products to their target markets, a capability that was readily handled via parameter settings in the Sage ERP X3 toolset.

Organina CFPO also made use of the inherent subcontracting and inter-site transfer features of Sage ERP X3. “We produce a bulk product that is transformed into Orangina concentrate at a third-party facility,” explained Bourgue. The concentrate is shipped to the various countries, where it can go to bottlers or other sub-contracting organizations.

“The distribution supply chain can be quite complex,” said Bourgue. “They require solid information system support, which we’ve received as a result of implementing Sage ERP X3.

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