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BeerRun v5 Is Here — Bringing You Even More Mobility & Functionality

By November 18, 2013No Comments

Beer Run Software

We are pleased to announce the recent release of BeerRun software version 5. Among other enhancements, this new release enables BeerRun to be installed on your desktop or laptop.

You now have the option to run the program in your web browser, as well as to break free of the browser and use our desktop application. The new app is built on the Adobe AIR platform* — so it runs natively in both Windows and Mac.

This gives BeerRun users the best of both worlds in terms of mobility and functionality. As a cloud-hosted solution, it enables your team to perform their functions from anywhere they have web access. Your brew crew can manage and monitor brewhouse operations while your back-office staff performs sales and purchasing tasks or runs reports — all with real-time information.

The new BeerRun desktop app makes your choice of operating system a non-issue. And with the Flash-friendly web browsers that are now available, it can also run on virtually any PC or mobile device (including iPads, iPhones and Androids). So if you’re on the grid, you can access the program.

BeerRun is the leading software solution for microbreweries. We have the largest install base with clients nationwide — but it’s our customer satisfaction that really defines us. Read what our clients are saying about our implementation, end-to-end functionality, service and value for the money in their words.

BeerRun has been invaluable to Two Brothers Brewing Company as we have grown. It helps us understand true costing of all aspects of production and sales. Also, with our capacity limitations, it has been great in helping us plan tank movements to maximize our output and efficiencies. However, the best part of BeerRun might be the customer service. They are always ready to help and very responsive.”

Jason Ebel
Founder, Two Brothers Brewing Company

*Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a cross-platform runtime system for Rich Internet Applications that are installable on Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

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